The TRIM- LIFE® Weight Release Program



What is Trim-life?  We’re glad you asked!

TRIM-LIFE® is a 6-week weight release program conducted in a small, safe, non-judgmental, heart-centered group setting.  And yes, if you feel you aren’t quite ready to be a part of a group, we do offer the program on a One-to-One basis.

This program isn’t simply about eating and exercising. Instead, the program approaches weight management by addressing your body, mind, and spirit. It is a holistic approach and it lasts.

Educational and experiential components are included in the program to empower you to develop a new relationship with yourself and with food.   Furthermore, the program will help you to experience a sense of enthusiasm, rather than of deprivation, in relationship to nourishing your body.

Using hypnotic and mindfulness strategies you will learn techniques to help you feel satisfied, decrease unhealthy desires, reduce stress, step out of the shame cycle, and identify, resolve, and release the underlying emotional patterns that activate craving and unhealthy eating.  You’ll also gain clarity and understanding:  We’ll help you get clear on what you are really hungry for and work on attracting that into your life.

This program was developed by the Wellness Institute and is currently being utilized in the Integrative Medicine Department at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

Through the TRIM- LIFE® Weight Release Program you will learn tools to:

  • Understand and change the programming of your subconscious mind that has previously made weight release a challenge.
  • Learn to connect to and be guided by your body’s inner voice about when to eat and when you are physically satisfied to stop.
  • Identify what you are really “hungry” for and learn how to manifest that in your life without blame, shame or guilt.
  • Re-regulate your metabolic rate to release unnecessary weight and open motivation for increased physical activity using hypnosis.
  • Shrink your stomach to its natural size through hypnosis so you are satisfied with less food intake.
  • Identify and resolve the underlying emotional patterns that activate cravings and unhealthy eating behaviors.
  • Eliminate cravings for foods that do not serve the health of your body.
  • Halt the cycle of binge eating that is triggered by restricting foods, fear of deprivation and shame.
  • Diminish binge-eating triggers using hypnosis.
  • Discover the shadow parts that defeat us and learn tools to bring healing to those parts.


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